quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2008

Republica II

You know how terrible and disgraceful it is for shepherds to keep dogs to guard their flocks which are so badly bred or trained that from want of discipline or hunger, or from some other evil in their nature, they will dare to worry the sheep, and act like wolves rather than dogs?
“It is terrible,” he said. “Certainly.”
“Then we must take every precaution against (the men of gold) acting in this way to the citizens, since they are stronger than they, and behaving like fierce masters rather than loving allies?”
“We must,” he said.
“Is not a really noble education the best possible precaution?”
“Well, they have that,” he said.
“Well,” I replied, “we need not go into that now, my dear Glaucon, but we must insist on what I have just mentioned, namely, that they must have the right kind of education, whatever that may be, if they are to have what will do more than anything else to make them gentle to one another and to those that they guard.”


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