sábado, 20 de março de 2010


The moment we ran our fingers over the touchpad of the Kaossilator and heard the otherworldly sounds of the future we were hooked. This pocket sized music synthesizer is like nothing we've seen before. Rather than using keys or buttons to play musical notes, the Kaossilator features a revolutionary touchpad design. Move your finger from left to right to change the pitch of the note, and up and down to change the sound. But musical sounds are only the beginning, the Kaossilator can also be used like a drum kit with dozens of built in beats and drum sounds. Plus you get some amazing sound effects from laser blasts to Pac Man. You can put everything to good use with the built-in loop recording feature which lets you layer virtually unlimited tracks to create complex songs combining lead instruments, drum beats and sound effects together.

You would think that all this power at your fingertips might be difficult to wield... but actually we were pretty amazed at how easy it is to make some great sounding music. You'll almost feel guilty belting out some danceable beats with virtually no effort. The Kasossilator is also a great tool for DJs and allows you to tap your finger to the beat of any existing music, this sets the beats per minute and then you can play along with all your beat loops in sync. You can change the key you play in, or choose from different scales... and you get tons of different arpeggiator patterns. But we digress... watch the video and all will be revealed young grasshopper.

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